Healthy Actions — Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make any special kind of appointment with my health care provider?

No, you can work with your health care provider during regular preventive care or office visits. Also, if you are up-to-date with screenings, or recently had an appointment, you can ask the provider to fill out the form without having to make another appointment.


Will the health care provider know about this program, and what does he or she need to do?

We are working with health care providers to be sure they are familiar with the program and what they need to do. However, you will need to bring the Clinician Form to your health care provider and may need to explain the program. Please ensure all sections of the Clinician Form are completed by your provider. It is your responsibility to return the form to IncentiSoft, the company that is working with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, not your provider's office. Additionally, keep track of where you are in the program to ensure you have enough time to complete all activities during the plan year.


Is this program confidential?

The medical and personal information you share is treated in accordance with our policy on confidentiality. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts does not share individual information about this program with your employer. Employers only get reports on how the whole company is progressing toward their goals.


What if I have a cost share for office visits?

If you need to visit your provider, there will be no cost share for the first visit (provided it is preventive care). For any follow-up appointments, you would be responsible for the cost share associated with the visits and any tests that are necessary.


Is the $300 reward for the whole family or an individual?

The reward is only available to the subscriber, and the maximum award is $300. Currently, the debit cards have a 12-month expiration date from date of issue.


How long will it take to get my rewards?

You will receive their reward in the form of a debit card approximately 2 to 3 weeks from the submission of the completed forms to IncentiSoft.


Who determines my health goal?

It is a joint effort between you and your health care provider to pick one medically appropriate and attainable goal that you can focus on during the plan year, if necessary.


What if my goal is no longer attainable? For example, can my goal change if I have a weight loss goal, but become pregnant or injured?

Yes, this will be at the health care provider's discretion.


What if I don't meet my goal? Can I join the program a second year?

If you have Healthy Actions through your employer and did not meet your goal set by your provider, you won't be eligible for the additional $200 debit card reward for the current plan year.  Should your employer elect to renew in the Healthy Actions program for a second year, you are eligible to start over and potentially earn the full $300 again. You will receive a Welcome Letter if you start a second year of Healthy Actions; receipt of the Welcome Letter ensures that IncentiSoft has updated your employer’s information and member materials have been dated to reflect the start of the new plan year. Returning members who have previously registered on the Healthy Actions portal only need to click “Returning” and confirm the member information previously input is still valid. If you did not participate in the program before, you will need to click “First time” to register.